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Smart Energy for Personal Life

With EBT Teknoloji's proven, innovative solutions for home energy management and savings, the "smart home" is no longer a future concept, but rather today's reality. It's estimated that tens of millions of households will adopt Smart Energy solutions within the next few years, gaining the ability to control their home from virtually anywhere. EBT Teknoloji's comprehensive solutions include processors, connectivity, power management, and software, enabling the next-generation design of everything from smart appliances and thermostats to smart meters and Smart Energy gateways. Monitor and control plug loads in your homes, offices, stores or manufacturing plants. See the instantenuos energy consumption and plan your strategical next step. Shut down unneccessary plugs on your GUI at your own schedule.

Pharmaceutical - Medicine Tracking

Don't fail to take your medication as prescribed, we help healthcare organizations to increase the effect of medicines

We have unique solution to help your management team: we have a bottle-cap-reminder for medicine bottle, our bottle-cap-reminder has a sensor and embedded transmitter. Using Internet cloud, you can program when the pills need to be taken, then at the appointed time, a light on the bottle-cap-reminder flashes and also an alert sounds. If the bottle has not been opened after certain time of period, even bottle-cap-reminder snoozes the alert, our software triggers the automated friendly reminder email/SMS to the patient or a caregiver via Internet or 3G connectivity.

Your company got a strong sales force, well defined marketing campaign, but poor adherence is limiting your brand’s potential. You want know which customer segments are falling off therapy or which customers follow the schedule regularly.

Then, we are here to help you and your company. We track the all of your customers remotely and we develop the trust between your company and your patients.

Our product is aimed to help your forgetful patients at their homes/offices and during their travels in very friendly way and also help you to keep track of their medications remotely.

We believe that adherence to prescribed medications is the next frontier in healthcare innovation.

Healthcare -Smart Medicine Dispenser

With many countries around the world dealing with an ageing population, one particular area where we’ve seen some interesting advances is the development of products that specifically help the elderly, and incapacitated, maintain their mobility safely.

EBT Teknoloji Smart medicine dispenser solution will give the patient peace of mind, providing friendly medication reminders and direct access to caregiver support via internet or 3G connectivity.

EBT Teknoloji Smart Elder Care solution will pinpoint the location of the user and lets the caregiver to communicate with the patient directly in case of emergency button is pressed.

Studies show that an estimated 5.4 million people have Alzheimer's disease in the U.S. only. In the United Kingdom, two-thirds of people with dementia live outside of a care facility. For patients suffering from memory loss or impairment, devices for establishing location and a smart medicine box compliant with medication regimes will be commonly used.

We provide these both services for your patients.

50% Medications are not taken correctly
30% of hospital admissions over age 65 are directly related to non-adherence of medication regimes

Smart Vaccine Vial Cold Chain Monitoring

We help you to protect vaccines from extremes and to monitor from your storage plant to pharmacies and even to patient's home. *

We know one of the biggest challenges to proper vaccine use is temperature regulation. Overexposure to extreme heat or cold can ruin desperately distributed vaccines.

We continuously monitor and regularly report online via 3G nationwide network of temperature and humidity with geo-location info of your vaccines, medicines and organic elements shipping.

From shipping containers to the vaccine freezers, storage temperature control is vital to maintaining vaccine potency.

Our solution ensures a reliable and accurate supply chain tracking process, and enhances efficiency and transparency within your company and improves trust level with your partners. We offer,

Authenticity of origin
Clear trail of ownership across your supply chain, Reverse supply chain Vaccine tracking, Improved returns processing and recall precision.

* WHO no longer recommends that freeze-dried vaccines be stored at –20°C. Storing them at –20°C is not harmful but it is unnecessary. Instead, these vaccines should be kept in refrigeration and transported at +2°C to +8°C.

Smart Connected Home

When you leave the home, you want to make sure that your home is in good hands.

Sometimes it happens, we know that you may forget if you have locked the door or not. We are here to help you and offer more!You can check anytime remotely if you have locked the door secure. You can talk with the guy who knocks the door at that time. A friend or an UPS courier. Say, you will be arriving in 5 mins. Do you want to open the lights before you just come in the house? If then why don't you run the application on your IPHONE or ANDROID phone? Just click the button and turn on the lights and dim the lights as you like.

You can set the indoor temperature as much as you want just before you arrive your home. You can make video chat with your friends and let him go inside remotely by unlocking your door while you are not at home at that moment.

Cable-Free Mobile Device Charging

We make your sofa, your tabletop, your coffee table smart enough to charge your mobile devices.

Leave your mobile phone on your table and continue sipping your coffee and enjoying the chat with your loves. We provide the technology to the public areas, shopping center, coffee shops as well as your homes.

Smart Vending

Make your corporate Vending Machines talk with your Cloud - Smart Vending Solutions

We work with you to manage your vending machines. Your machines now talk to each other and send the data to the company on what products are being sold and what flavours are being sold in a particular area. The machines also send data on inverntory management, alarms in order to make a route planning effort.

We make your vending machine to interact with the walk-in customers and help them enjoy their shoping experience in funny way.

Your corporate Vending Machines

Can connect to Facebook and makes the people to buy/donate a snack/drink for someone else. Can tell users what to do to get free smack/drink as a part of your viral project. Can process your image when you stand in front of your vending machine, it takes a second. It will then recommend some of the drinks/snacks displayed on its large touch-screen panel by showing little cartoonish speech bubbles next to them.

M2M Expertise and Solutions

EBT Teknoloji serve verticals such as transportation, healthcare, smart utility and more

Increasing mobility and global networking results in an ever-faster innovation spiral in the M2M sector. Today it is hard to imagine embedded technologies in general without wireless M2M solutions for remote maintenance, tracking and tracing, e-payment and facility management plus M2M for machinery and plant construction. EBT Teknoloji is your unique M2M one-stop-shop providing a single source for all your M2M needs while reducing complexity in the ecosystem. We simplify technology integration for any vertical market application and your company enjoys the service and hits the annual targets.

Smart LED Lighting Platform

Task & Ambient Lighting Systems are being used more and more when constructing new office buildings to optimize the environment and energy performance in the building. Task & Ambient Lighting Systems adjust personal (task) lighting and broad area (ambient) lighting to maintain sufficient brightness on the work surface while simultaneously lowering the intensity of base lighting to achieve a comfortable visual environment without waste.