If you're on a daily long term prescription, it's important to keep everything on track

You want to make sure that your patients take their medication or supplements on time and you take the sustainability to the next level. EBT Teknoloji's Smart Medicine Dispenser can be programmed to cover whole week routine with multiple compartments.

Our Smart Medicine Dispenser know when your patient needs to take her medication. Simplify taking the scheduled doses Allows greater independence during vacations or long term travels Triggers alarm in case of forgetfulness Track the time when the medication is taken Analyze the behavior of the patient and generates report for her caregiver and family. Multiple Smart Medicine Dispenser in the same home can be tracked simultaneously LED indicator show up the day of the week to prevent confusion Different distinct texture placed on the each compartment's flip lid to make sure that blinds and visually impaired can understand the day of the week *

* Only 10 percent of the blind and visually impaired can read Braille