Our main target is making your product to get into patients' hands on the right time.

Reduced marginal cost so that your patients don't notice a price difference when you compare non-adherence to medication regimens Pharmacy can program the dosage, schedule and notifications online and assign those info to the EBT Teknoloji's bottle-can-reminder. Even though most non-adherence is due to forgetfulness, EBT Teknoloji's bottle-can-reminder solution helps your patient not to be confused about her medication and trust her doctor.

EBT Teknoloji's bottle-can-reminder follows up the when your patient has taken the dose. In case of forgetfulness, friendly reminders are sent to your patient's herself and her family. Aid in the adherence of medication regimes.

EBT Teknoloji's bottle-can-reminder generates usage reports showing the patient's medication behaviors and weekly emails to remote caregivers, monthly adherence reports to their doctors and patient's family. Refill reminders are also set to remind the patient friendly to refill the medication bottle in timely manner. We provide open API to developers to make smart mobile device and web applications to help your patients track their medications.