EBT Video Surveillance : Record video clips of your home and watch them in real time on your smart mobile device with our Video Surveillance solution. watch your kids, your pets, your parents, your property.

EBT Remote Access: Always be in control. Remotely manage your home from your smart mobile devices. Mobility is the key for your smart future.

EBT Door Locking Control: Confirm that you have locked or unlocked your door remotely from your smart mobile device.

EBT Energy Management: Save money each month on your utilities with our smart energy manager. You can even compare real time electricity consumption of home appliances with your Facebook friends.

EBT Smart Thermostat: Adjust the temperature of your home and save energy and money, from anywhere just before you come in home.

EBT Motion Detection: Ensure that all areas of your homes and offices are protected with the latest proximity technology. All kind of activities are logged.

EBT Two-way Intercom: Use our two-way Intercom to talk to your friends from the apartment block lobby, apartment-doorsill whenever you are not at home. Their call is directed to your smart mobile device immediately when they to talk to intercom. You can assign multiple smart mobile devices per each intercom.

EBT Home HealthCare: Use our technology to take care of elder parents or a family member with disabilities. We monitor and track the medicine use and immediately inform the other family members if the patient at home forget to take the medicine on time.