We have interactive - social platform to help consumers upload their commends with their household appliance's consumption info to gauge their progress against that of other users. The service lets users see how their energy consumption compares to that of their friends and has proven to be a strong motivational tool. Along with, providing a powerful tool to compare the households in the market.

To manage energy, EBT Teknoloji uses the Smart Energy Gateway, which can be controlled through a variety of smart devices, both in your home and remotely. It checks power usage conditions throughout the house, and shows you exactly where and how you can save energy. We're using this same template to serve customers well beyond the home, including stores, offices, factories and whole communities around you.

We know that active monitoring is very important; we provide consumer usage data on a minute-by-minute basis, telling the user how long and when she interacted with household appliances and what amount of kW has been consumed.

This detailed insight helps not only the end customers to analyze their bills and Utilities to forecast the next-day demand but also helps the household appliances industry to help shape consumers trends, future low carbon emissions development, redesigning features as per consumer's requirements and functionality to better suit user needs.