Give customers flexible, cashless payment options and remotely monitor vending machines in real time with smart vending solutions from EBT Teknoloji LTD. Smart vending solutions from EBT Teknoloji simplify business by automating routine tasks, which leaves you free to concentrate on more critical areas of business.

When you enable wireless connectivity and cashless transactions with credit and/or debit cards on your existing vending machines, you can:

  • Improve maintenance by receiving automatic malfunction alerts on your mobile device by SMS / Email / App.
  • Conveniently allow customers to use their preferred payment method. Customer satisfaction!
  • Increase your sales opportunities.
  • Sell higher-priced items. Even your Smart Vending Solution would let you run high frequency marketing projects on your Vending machine. It is not a vending machine anymore, it is a social place that everyone can interact with her friends via social media.

You can increase Sales of each vending machine min 5-10%
You can reduce cost up to 20%
You can increase customer experience
You can know and engange with your customers
You can secure cloud solution, your data is yours
You can have easy integration with ERP, BI and BPM systems