Who We Are

Internet of things

At EBT Teknoloji, we want to help you live smarter. And what better way to do that than by helping you save money while protecting our planet? That's why we offer an Energy Management package and other smart solutions to make your life sustainable.

EBT Teknoloji is a cutting edge technology company delivering knowedge based intelligence solutions to government, healthcare providers, enterprise organizations, non profits, utilities and retail.

Building the Embedded Web

Automating data collection is an important component of making full use of modern technology.

EBT Teknoloji solutions are designed to help you lead a simpler life. Our solutions matrix features innovative products, and technologies customized for your home and your family as well as your offices.

Deploying the Embedded Web

Monitoring operational statistics from your desk, or one of your dealers checking engine performance ahead of service schedules along with real-time data gives you a unique edge in operational performance - We are aware of this

Worldwide, 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020.*

EBT Teknoloji is a pioneer and leader in technology and software solutions for the Internet of Things in our region; our solution domain allows the next evolution of the Internet where devices of all types and capabilities can be accessed through web services. Our software products enable web services access to networks and devices

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